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No matter how good you are
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Life Coach, Motivational Speaker,
and Peak Performance Consultant

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I believe that public speaking is the second most important life skill any man should acquire. It is, I believe, an essential part of social intelligence. In 2015, I began Nigeria’s Leading Public Speaking School called PODIUM DYNAMICS ACADEMY to train people both offline and online how to make their speeches meaningful.

We cover 18 areas in the basic program. View Courses



This program helps an organization define or redefine their culture.It also helps an organization know what top brands do. Areas that this course focuses on are: Corporate CultureTeam Building DynamicsSales And MarketingBrand AcculturationWorkplace Conflict ResolutionGoals Setting & Activity ManagementEffective Corporate Communication. To get your company trained on Corporate Culture send a mail to [email protected]

PROGRAM 7 (The Seven Masteries)

This program consist of courses built on the most important skills in life and they are: Vision-eering (the engineering of vision), Communication, Leadership, Selling, Financial Intelligence, Activity Management, Emotional Mastery

About George Essien

With carefully crafted words that have been known for ages to cause severe stir in people’s internal conditioning, George Essien helps people to become the best they can be. Considered by many as a leading Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant, George Essien is the go-to guy when individuals, start-ups, and big organizations want to get results fast. He is the first in Nigeria to be certified Peak Performance Consultant.

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What people are saying

“George Essen’s expertise in human resources management is top notch. We always have a rewarding time having him train our people at TECHDAER.”
Diaso Josiah (Head of Training, TechDaer Oil Servicing Limited)

“George Essien’s training on Sales and Corporate Culture helped our sales       force all over Nigeria to reset their goals and reach for more audacious   targets”
Mr. Lanre Olayinka (Head of Sales, DHL Nigeria)

“His training are world class. I highly recommend him”
Mr. Tony Affia, Chairman Planet FM

“One hour with George Essien, and it was a blast.! Amazing orator”
Miss Okorocha, Rochas Foundation.

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