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Hi. My name is George Essien.

If you live in the Southern part of Nigeria you probably have heard of my name.You either  have heard my radio program, watched me on Television, read my article on a national daily or attended one of my seminars.

I have been a motivational speaker since 1999.

I actually became a professional speaker in 2005. By that I mean I started earning from speaking engagements from that year.

My story is actually an interesting one and I would like to share it with you, hoping that it will inspire you to also pursue and persist with your dreams

In the year 2007, I raised N1,000,000 to begin my media,training and publishing business.

I was 25 years old, just out from the University, and bustling with enthusiasm and zeal. I plunged into business with a lot of hope and expectation.I worked very hard.The unfortunate thing was that barely 1 year after I had raised N1 Million, I was bankrupt and indebted to the tune of N 1.5 Million.

It was a very humbling experience for me.

I saw myself constantly running away and avoiding my creditors.

I was behind on my bills.

I couldn’t pay my office rent.

I was owing the staff that I employed.

As a matter of fact, at one time I had to squat with a friend because I could not pay for the flat I was staying.

My girlfriend , the one I had promised to marry, left me. I had gone as far doing an introduction with the family.

Certain people started saying that I needed to pray, that I needed serious prayers, that how could I be so intelligent but not make progress? They even offered special prayers.Mycontemporaries were moving forward. You know that awkward feeling you have seeing your contemporaries getting married, buying cars,having children, even building houses and you seemingly staying in one spot? That is how I felt.

A certain pastor even once told me that my life was in a mess.And I almost believed him because he was such a popular pastor in my town and one who had a great influence in my life.

It was a challenging period of my life.

It is really funny how people literally desert you when you go through valley experiences.

But I learnt one thing in those periods: To focus on making myself better (skill-wise) rather than looking at my mounting issues, debts and problems. And that was the greatest resolve I think I made in those periods.

I made up my mind to be the very BEST IN MY FIELD

To be so good that when people think of my area of industry I come to mind. Google “LEADING SPEAKERS IN NIGERIA” and see what I mean

Now even if I lose everything I have, I will use that same principle again. I WILL FOCUS ON BEING BETTER(SKILL WISE AND PERHAPS CHARACTER WISE) RATHER THAN FOCUS ON THE PROBLEMS.

Jim Rohn said it perfectly. He said, “Don’t wish for less challenges. Wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills. Things will not change unless you first change.”

One of the skills I focused on was public speaking/presentation, persuasion and negotiation. In fact, I worked hard to master the entire mechanics and dynamics of communication, oral and written.

I remember going to meet Ubong Essien, a leading motivational speaker in Nigeria, to learn how to he was raking in so much money doing training and  speaking engagements.

I also met bestselling author Praise George to share with me his ideas on effective book writing and sales.

I met with Adeolu Akinyemi, a financial consultant and MLM expert, and asked him questions.

They all kept saying that communication(written and oral) was actually the most important skill I should develop.

My quest to develop this skill of written and oral communication  to appreciable level caused me to spend countless hours on the Internet devouring hundreds of material on that on public speaking, persuasion, copy-writing and negotiation.

I attended scores of seminars and meetings and watched presenters. I read and studied hundreds of copy-writings and sales letter

Fela Durotoye’s passionate presentation and depth of research excited me.COR 2

Leke Alder’s creative use of words and depth to explain concepts enthralled me.

Listening to Sam Adeyemi’s soft punchy presentations got me always thinking.

They were the masters.

They were all millionaires. And they had largely raked their millions from their ability to effectively communicate both through oral and written presentations.

I watched hundreds of videos and personally practiced before the mirror again and again.

I created and staged scenarios and imagined delivering on point always before any audience.

Meanwhile, I was still struggling financially.

I was still behind on my bills.


In a few years, I started getting some head way.

I reduced my debt

I found my way to be on a local TV and did motivational speeches for free on air.

I found a way to write for local newspapers, magazines and contributed to a national daily.

Some churches invited me to give presentations for little or nothing. I accepted every invitation.

My goal was to use all these platforms to create a brand and also improve my myself.

My business was still struggling seriously. But I found a way to keep it going.

When I didn’t have an office, I used a friend’s place as my contact.

When my friend kicked me out, I used a cyber café that i used regularly as my contact and did a lot of online interactions.Sometimes,  I met clients at fast food restaurants.

I just kept finding ways.g

You know there was this temptation to give up on several occasions.

As a matter of fact, I did.

My people told me to go look for a job.

There was also this time that I was at the British Embassy to find a way out of the country. They denied me visa.

I moved to Portharcourt and worked with a certain trainer and pastor. The venture lasted 2 months. The so-called pastor kept telling me that I had to totally abandon my dreams and follow his. I just couldn’t.

My life was making some progress; but I still thought it slow.

About this period I registered for the YOUWIN Business plan competition

I was not expecting much but I just tried.

About 161,000 Nigerians applied for the business plan competition.

I was fortunate to selected for the 3 days training.

Out of 161,000 I was privileged to be selected among the next 6,000.

The fact is that my sales copy writing skills really came handy.


All my years of horning my skills in writing presentation helped in getting me to be in the next 2500 people. My business plan was to invest funds in my Media, training and Publishing company. I had applied for N10 Million.

I guess the YOUWIN guys were having quite some difficulty picking the last 1,200. (Usually the Federal Ministry of Finance of Nigeria empowers 1,200 young people within the ages of 18-45 with a minimum of N1 Million and a maximum of N10 million. They have done it in the last 3 years.)

Now because they had a lot smart entrepreneurs (2,500), they decided to do the ultimate test: A 30 MINUTE PRESENTATION TO DEFEND YOUR BUSINESS PLAN.

YOUWIN wanted to see us.It was something they have never done before.

Yes, we had impressed them through our impressive written business plans but  they now wanted to hear us speak. They wanted us PERSUADE and NEGOTIATE with them.
george 10
By this time, I had already grown in my public speaking abilities so much so that I had started receiving a number of speaking invitation around the country Nigeria.

My speaking fees ranged from N30,000 to N150,000, depending on the distance and the people involved. I could get ranging form 2 to 4 a month.

Even in my crisis period I had put together over 40 seminars around Nigeria and had had a number public speaking students.

One of then was a potential YOUWIN AWARDEE.

Her name? Dr Anabel Ibe.

We had met at the YOUWIN Training and she knew that I was involved in public speaking training.

As our presentation period approached, she called me up and paid some sum to me to TEACH HER HOW TO DO AN EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION.

And I did.

We had to travel to Enugu for this presentation.

We were to face a panel of 4

When it was my turn, I literally wowed the panel.

The panel was so impressed they asked for my contact!

My focus on communication, my focus on effective writing and public speaking had paid off.

It had made me a multimillionaire in a 30 minute presentation!

For a 30 minute presentation, I moved from being one who was managing,one who was being ridiculed, one who was just getting by, to one who could call China and negotiate about cost of machines in millions!

And Yes! Dr. Anabel Ibe, my student, also got N10 MILLION!

From applying EVERYTHING I taught her, she got the very same result I got.

She didn’t have to spend years like I did. She just read my e-book, observed me, listened to my audios and compressed DECADES INTO DAYS literally.

Why did I share this story?

To brag? May be. (Laughs).

I actually shared this story to inspire you.

I shared this story to get you to take interest in developing the MOST IMPORTANT SKILL IN THE WORLD: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. Of course, that includes PUBLIC SPEAKING/PRESENTING and WRITTEN COMMUNICATION.

You just never can say when it will come in handy.

It made me a millionaire.

Let me help you.

Why share this story if I cannot help you compress DECADES INTO DAYS?

Like Dr. Anabel Ibe you can achieve what I achieved AND MUCH MORE just by exposing yourself to the information that I have been exposed to.

Here is what I want to do for you

First, I want to you to get my e-book SPEECH POWER. It is an e-book that compresses all my principles and ideas on effective communication.

It would help you. It will cost you something, though. Don’t worry, it is not something that you cannot afford.

No, it is not N15,000.

And No,it is not N10,000.

I have decided to make it just N5,000.

It will come with other freebies.

1.A link to listen to a 60 minutes audio on PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR SOCIETAL CHANGE done by me.

2.Another e-book on PUBLIC SPEAKING BASICS

3. 5 podcasts on public speaking

4. The Audio version of SPEECH POWER

Let me make a list of some of the ideas I cover in the e-book.speech power


To get my  offer, please send SPEECH POWER and your name to 2348187133153.

Account details would be sent to you and you would be required to send me your e-mail address. The info-product would be sent to you. The info-products are easy-to-read and listen.

If you want to get hard copies of SPEECH POWER(Audio and Manual) sent to you, you will add a sum of N2000 for it to be couriered to any location you are.

Take action today. All the best.


1 year ago · · 3 comments


Now you can order for our pubic speaking school Live Class in audio CD. In the Audio, HOW TO INTEREST ANY AUDIENCE, you will learn about the different kinds of voices there are and how to find your voice. You will also learn how to tell a good story and the elements that makes for good storytelling. You will also learn 8 specific ways to interest an audience, no matter the kind of audience.

To order for it, SMS “HOW TO INTEREST” to +2348187133153 and I will get back to you. If you are outside of the country Nigeria, send a mail to drgeorgeessien@gmail.com. Read more…


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It is the goal of any couple to put together a wedding, and a decent one at that.

Isn’t it?

How much does a typical Nigerian wedding cost? Let say between N1 Million and N2.5 Million.


Some go for higher.

If you are unfortunate to have greedy parents in laws, ‘your own don finish’.

I know a young man who had a list of that ran into N4 Million. That didn’t cover the Traditional marriage and white wedding. The man in question bolted…lol.

Young people interested in marriage go through a lot. I know of one who finished marrying and then had to hide for months because his creditors were looking for him.

I wonder what kind of honey moon he had?(lol)

Another husband suddenly turned very lean just after his wedding…when I asked him what was wrong he just said, “Men, the wedding o.”

With poverty everywhere, and parents in-laws refusing to compromise on their very long lists, a tactic must be developed so that every single young man in Nigeria who wants to marry can.

Is it possible to put together an affordable wedding in Nigeria?

Of course , it is.

Here are some ideas.

They are strictly mine. You don’t have to follow them, but if you do, they will work for you.

Marry a woman who knows that wedding is for just a day and that marriage is for a life time.

Marry a woman who knows that no matter how glamorous your wedding turns out, someone else will do a better one

.Marry a woman who has the guts to look into her parent’s eyes and say, “I want to get married !” and mean it.

Be choosy about the kind of wife you marry.

Don’t marry a liability.

Be careful what home you go to pick a wife.

Some parent in laws are not just worth it, especially the demanding ones. If their daughter cannot talk to them and things are sorted out, you have an issue.

Tell your wife about your budget.

Don’t be afraid to ask your committee of friends for help.
It is pride to think you can do it all.


Joint weddings are cheaper.

These days pastors join several couples on the same day, isn’t that so?

How about doing a joint reception with a couple that may agree.

It would be fun and lovely.

You will cut on hall and decorations.

You will also cut on food.

You two can both have one MC.

Everything still remains the same.

Wedding trains will be different.

Both couples will each have their lovely chairs on the platform.

Their cakes will be different too.

The space for their parents would be different. The camera men would be different…but there will be one central camera man.

The wedding program would be the same.

Fun, right?

Yeah! Some Catholic churches are already encouraging these to help couples cut down on cost.

I was in one that had 3 weddings at the same time.

Well organized.

It was fun..

It was different !


Where did we get that culture that the couple must give gifts to guests?


You are to collect and not give.

Go to a typical Nigerian wedding and see the rush for gifts!

8. DO A WEEK DAY WEDDING. Imagine doing a wedding on a Wednesday by 4pm? Yeah.

Only those who love you will be there.


I think that is a brilliant idea. My younger sister who got married recently did just that. They saved venue cost.


Not a bad idea too.

The most important thing in marriage is your parental consent and the recognition of your marriage by he Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Church celebration can come later.

But please don’t forget to involve your pastor in your Trado and Court.


Don’t borrow and make sure you have something to feed your wife.

12. USE AN OPEN SPACE WITH CANOPIES, RATHER THAN HALLS. obviously that is cheaper.


Look, the truth is that not everyone eats in a wedding.

The people who truly love you, may not have time to eat.

So focus on a few guest and don’t worry about people who complain that they did not eat in your wedding

With love, from George Essien


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Very often I receive mails from people asking what it takes to be a motivational speaker. I have received mails from young people who are still in school and who want to know whether motivational speaking can make a good career path for them. I have also received mails from career people, entrepreneurs and even pastors. They all want to know what it really means to be a motivational speaker and what it takes to be one. They also want to know if motivational speaking is an industry one can invest in. I will answer these questions in this article.

Only recently I was in Abuja for a public speakers workshop as a participant and in the cause of the meeting one of the lead speakers said, “I am not a motivational speaker, I am a life coach…blah, blah, blah”.And on and on he went, literally discrediting, or should I say, shoving off an industry’s turf he was, whether he liked it or not, in. So I lifted my hands up and asked him, “Sir, May I ask a question.Please is there any difference between a motivational speaker and a life coach?”

He wasn’t expecting the question. He reflected a bit and said, “Everyone these days claim to be motivational speakers. You know, the hype and pump-up sessions. That is not what I do. I deal with life issues and give life enhancing strategies. That is the difference.”

I allowed him finish his rant and then asked to be given a few minutes to say some things.I was given.

Here is what I said when I was given the opportunity:

“You see, it is true everyone claims to be a motivational speaker these days. And few serious minded trainers or public speakers want to be referred to as a ‘motivational speaker’ , so to speak. They would rather want to be associated with terms like: Business Strategist, Business Consultant, Life Coach, High Performance Coach…and so on and so forth. The reason is because a majority of people feel that motivational speakers these days are literally no-do-wells, nothing-to-show people who rant and hype about success by telling other people’s stories. And so they feel that by calling themselves Life Coaches or any other title, they sought of distinguish themselves from the perceived ‘motivational speaker’ typology.

“The challenge is that the people who do this don’t seem to fully know what the meaning of motivational speaking is. Who is a motivational speaker? Look at the word “Motivation”. It seems to be a combination of two words: “Motive” and “Action”. What a motivational speaker does is that he gives people a “Motive” or “Reasons” to take action. Everyone has reasons why they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing or why they are doing what they are doing presently. Motives drive our actions. The motivational speaker literally compiles reasons through fiction or factual storytelling, facts and figures, analogies, illustrations in order to challenge people to take quality actions. He is in the business of dislodging wrong reasons or motives people have and also in helping develop strong good reasons that compel people to do.

“So here is the question, Sir: Are you a motivational speaker based on what I have just highlighted about who a motivational speaker really is? Do you compel people through the strategies, tactics, methodologies, figures, stories, case studies, teachings that you present in business, in relationships, in health or whatever area your focus is? Let me answer the question for you. The answer is YES. You see, the challenge is not the moniker ‘motivational speaker’. Whether you choose to call yourself a motivational speaker, life coach, business consultant, life strategist, peak performance consultant, success coach or whatever, it is all the same thing. You are all doing the same thing. The terminologies and differentiation are all semantics.”

I had gotten everyone’s attention and they wanted me to say more.

“It is just like the music industry in Nigeria. Doesn’t it seem that every Dick and Harry is a musician today? Yet that doesn’t stop the very best from doing their thing and still calling themselves musicians. Same thing with comedy. Yet we all know the real deals.

“Motivation is a very important part of any meeting. If there is no energy, no strong, compelling reason to take action, meetings will be lifeless, bland and boring. In those days, companies in Nigeria engaged the services of consultants who would get their members of staff to sleep off in training. These consultants had content and know-how but there was that spark that was missing. Then they changed their strategy and started inviting upbeat, high energy speakers who would not only give motivational delivery but also give content. That is how the likes of Fela Durotoye, Lanre Olusola, Leke Alder, Ubong Essien, Niyi Adesanya, Steve Harris, Bankole Williams and the rest started getting corporate training opportunities. They were not expected to just give content but to spark up their members of staff.Some of these speakers do as many as 50 corporate training in a year reeling millions of Naira. In the days of Intercontinental Bank, people like Fela Durotoye trained their members of staff in all their branches in one year. We are talking of about between 80 to 100 branches!”

public speaking 2

I hadn’t come for that Abuja workshop as a speaker but as a student. It turned out that I was given a special session to share other ideas that I had.

Is there a motivational speaking industry in Nigeria? I would say that it is evolving. It is still in its beginning phase and I think the reason is because many people haven’t fully grasped what it is all about. However, I believe that with time it will mature and blossom into something we can call an industry. In America, for example, the motivational speaking industry is so organized and recognized. It is organized into numerous niche areas: sales, enterprise development, peak performance, corporate training, network marketing, finance, relationships, health, youth development and so on. As a motivational speaker all you need to do is find and flourish in your niche area. They have a number of speaker’s bureau. You can search for speakers and book them. There are also associations and bodies that organize speakers’ conventions that allow speakers network with each other and learn industry secrets from each other. Our country Nigeria has not gotten to that level yet. Like I said, motivational speaking is still evolving and trying to take shape. Some even think that a motivational speaker should be a pastor. While that is possible, pastoring and motivational speaking have their differences.

Now, how can you become a motivational speaker in Nigeria?

I will suggest that you first of all collate your story. Everyone has a story that can inspire people to take action. Look into your life history and organize your experiences into a story, a compelling story. And if you don’t have one that you consider to be compelling, you could tell other people’s stories. Motivational speakers are very good storytellers. They use stories to paint pictures, to trigger our emotions and to make facts more digestible.

Next, see motivational speaking as a business and a profession. What area do you want to be an expert in? Find it and grow in that area. Brian Tracy focuses on sales. Robert Kiyosaki focuses on finance. Tony Robbins focuses on peak performance. John Maxwell focuses on Leadership. Randy Cage and Eric Worre focus on network marketing. Patricia Fripp focuses sales and public speaking. In Nigeria, there are motivational speakers who are known for certain areas. Lanre Olusola shares a lot on NLP(NueroLinguistic Programming), a human development technology; Fela Durotoye has been teaching on Nation building for years; Leke Alder is the branding expert. Niyi Adesanya’s area of focus is Leadership. Ubong Essien’s area of strength is on Public Speaking. I focus on Persuasion Technology, a human development technology that is a hybrid of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Neuro Associative Conditioning and ChemoLinguistic Programing. Which one is your area of focus?

Fela-Durotoye Ubong Essien NIYI
ubong Essien Brian_Tracy
Next is to really polish your public speaking skills. Motivational speakers are very good public speakers. To improve your public speaking skills, you could attend a public speaking school, read public speaking books, listen to public speaking audio or get a public speaking mentor. I have a public speaking academy called PODIUM DYNAMICS ACADEMY that teaches people how they can improve their public speaking. You may also wish to join a Toastmasters club in your community.

Next, develop promotional materials: brochures, leaflets, introductory audio/video tapes, a website or blog, a book or magazine, an audio or video cd. Doing this makes you a professional. Doing this separates you from the everyday motivational speaker to the motivational speaking professional. Clients want to see that you are packaged and that you are taking your speaking business seriously. One of the ways to get your clients to take you seriously is to have a book authored by you.

Next, engage in brand promotion. Your brand promotion strategies should contain your call card, website, logo, tagline, colour, and slogan. The fastest way to publicize your brand is to use the media. Start with the social media (I hear today that it is called the ‘new media’). Through the social media you can really promote your brand as a motivational speaker and trainer. Of course, you should be on Face Book, have a FaceBook page, and be on instagram, twitter and every other social media website.

When I started, I wrote for a local Newspaper and then a National Daily. I also found a way to get into radio and television. As my brand grew bigger, I did bill boards in my community, a radio jingle specifically highlighting what I do and a video promo.

Organize Free Seminars. You will have to begin by putting together a lot of free seminars and workshop.

Attend Many Speaking Events and Speak for Free. You have to get noticed. If you are invited for an event to speak, don’t be particular about how much you will get paid. People have to know you first before they can buy into you.

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