Program 7 (The Seven Masteries)

It’s A Personal Development Training that puts people through the 7 Most Important Skills in Life.

The 7 Areas Of Focus Are:

1. Visioneering : Learn how To Conceptualize, Articulate and Actualize

2. Communication : Learn how to Connect, Cast and Convince

3. Leadership: Understand what it takes to translate Vision into realities through Team work.

4. Selling: Understand the dynamics of Branding, Packaging and Promotions

5. Financial Intelligence : Master Making, Managing, Multiplying as well as Preserving the money that you make.

6. Goal Setting & Activity Management : Realize the importance of priorities and how the 80/20 Pareto’s Principle can make you more effective and efficient

7. Personal & Emotional Mastery.

To undertake this program, send a mail to [email protected]