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Founded in 2015, Podium Dynamics Academy, reputed as one of Nigeria’s leading Public Speaking Schools, delivers top notch training in public speaking. We help communicators and leaders of  diverse sectors develop and deliver speeches that are meaningful and impactful.

Whether offline (Classroom experience) or online, students who participate in our 18 course public speaking training will see improvements in their speech delivery. We don’t just teach the art of speaking, we go further to teach the science of speaking.

This Academy provides ‘would-be’ speakers with the tools and techniques required to prepare quality speaking experiences with clarity, confidence, poise and presence. We shape ‘regular talkers’ into ‘speaking professionals’.

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BASIC PROGRAM: For starters, the Academy puts students through the following 18 public speaking courses. They are all in audio and video format. So online students can order for them. www.georgeessien.com/publicspeaking.html

THE ‘MUST HAVES’ OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: This course highlights that any speaker must focus on to become an engaging and amazing speaker.

HOW TO PREPARE A SPEECH: 90% of all speeches is dependent on the preparation put into it. This course helps you identify the 4 most important aspect of your public speaking. It also helps put you through what we call the PREP formula.

SPEECH WRITING: Putting one’s thoughts down before doing an actual presentation is what makes a speaker a worthy one. This Module helps speakers fine tune their writing skills as it relates with Public Speaking.

HOW TO OPEN A PRESENTATION: You have less than 30 seconds to make a first impression with your speech. This course helps you use cutting edge techniques and strategies to begin with a bang and capture your audience from the very moment you begin.

HOW TO CLOSE A SPEECH AND GET A STANDING OVATION: Last words matter. This course helps you see the important of that and presents to empowering techniques that will guarantee you a standing ovation after your presentation

ICEBREAKERS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING: Whether with small groups or large audiences, icebreakers smoothens the relationship between the speaker and the audience. It also revives the failing energy of any audience. This course shows you how.

PERSUASION BASICS: What good is speaking if there is no persuasive element? Here we go into the psychology of persuasion, of getting the kind of feedback that you desire for your audience.

PUBLIC SPEAKING MISTAKES: There are global practices and standards in public speaking. This course sheds light on the errors people make when given the opportunity to make speeches and how you can avoid them.

THE SCIENCE OF SELF CONFIDENCE (HOW TO OVERCOME STAGE FRIGHT): Confidence convinces. Without it, the speaker and the speech will be a disaster. Here again we go psychological, going deep into the mind of the speaker to tackle the fear we call GLOSSOPHOBIA.

VOCAL VARIETY: From your tone, to the ring in your voice, to the emotion you put into your voice, these elements make you eloquent and smoothens your delivery. We also teach you how to literally ‘manipulate’ your voice such that it can portray various shades of meaning to the listener.

 BODY LANGUAGE IN PUBLIC SPEAKING: 58% of the impact and influence you will have on your audience will come from your body language. In the course , we teach proper body posture and positioning. At the end of the course, you would develop a polish and professional pose and stance whenever you give a speech.

PUBLIC SPEAKING PROS AND CONS: We discuss the rules in public speaking, taking the students back to the history of public speaking and how, over the years, it has evolved into what it is today. Beyond that, we help the students fully understand the process of communication.

PLATFORM PRESENCE: Is it possible for a speaker to create his own atmosphere? What does it mean to have an ‘air’ around you as a speaker? Here we discuss the art of public speaking and how the theatrics of the platform can influence audiences.

THE BUSINESS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: Anyone can move from public speaking to professional speaking. This transition has a business twist to it. If you want to make money from your speaking gift, this course tells what you should do.

HOW TO INTEREST ANY AUDIENCE: What are the 8 ways guaranteed to interest any audience? How do you tell a good and compelling story? What are the elements that make for a good story? This course shows you how.

TRANSFORMATIONAL VOCABULARY: Words are powerful – and they can be more powerful if you know how to transform them into other words. Here we show you how to intensify words to increase its impacts on people and how to diminish words to be less impactful.

CREATING COMPELLING SLIDES & USING SPEAKING PROPS: This course is very much a practical course. We show you how to convert your words into compelling pictures. This course also helps you understand the professional way to effectively use any kind of speaking prop on the podium

THE PUBLIC SPEAKER AND THE INTERNET: The internet will help the speaker in preparation and to also push forth his brand and philosophy. This course shows you the best way to go about it. It helps you access the best websites to get you anecdotes, stories and quotes for your presentation. It also helps you understand the following concepts: “filing” and “branding”.