For Civil Servants, Medical Doctors, Students, Pastors, Marketers And Anyone Who Wants To Develop Their Public Speaking Skill...

“How To ELIMINATE Stage Fright And Build Your Confidence ...So You Deliver Amazing Speeches And Presentations EVERY TIME You Speak"

...Also Discover How To Develop Your Public Speaking Skill Even If You Have NEVER Spoken In Public Before.

Finally,  YOU Too Can Receive A Standing Ovation ...As You Walk OFF The Stage ...FULLY Respected And Admired By Your Audience.


From George Essien,

 George essien

Dear friend,

”l will NEVER ever speak on stage again. Forever”.

That was a promise I made to myself when I was 8 years old.


It all happened during a debate program in my nursery school.The topic of the debate was “why farmers are better than teachers.”

I had crammed and rehearsed my speech for days before coming on stage.

The first speaker, a girl, spoke excellently and had a rousing ovation.

It Was Now My Turn.

I started the speech then half way…I forgot my lines. I stood there ashamed , confused and embarrassed.

My teacher urged me on “George you can make it. Do it again”.

So I started all over again and right at the middle of the speech I got stuck again…right at the same spot.

Again my teacher encouraged me so I tried again. The same thing happened again.

That day, I felt like a BIG failure. I was so ashamed of myself and so embarrassed by the incident that I made that PROMISE.


Now I travel all over Nigeria, speaking and training other people how to speak and overcome the fear of speaking.

What happened?

What changed?

How did I move from a scared 8 year old (who swore never to speak again), to become a renowned professional speaker, who now teaches other people to speak BOLDLY?

Well, this is the SECRET.

 I Developed And Mastered The Art Of Public Speaking

Infact ,if you Google search "public speakers in Nigeria" you'll find my name on many websites. Here's an example.

public speakers in Nigeria

 Let Me Ask YOU A Few Questions.

Are you scared of speaking in public?

Would you like to FINALLY overcome STAGE FRIGHT and develop your ability to speak to any audience? 

If your answer is YES, then read on and TAKE action.

You see, not long from now, you’ll be invited to give a speech or make 1, 2 (or more) presentations to a group people.

The question is ...will you be READY to make that presentation?

Will You Be READY For That Opportunity When It Shows Up?

Will you PANIC?

Or will you grab the opportunity, WOW your audience and EARN the respect and recognition you deserve?

Well, the answer to these questions DEPENDS on the PREPARATIONS you make TODAY.

If you prepare today, that day will not take you by SURPRISE.

And on this page you'll discover how to PROPERLY prepare and give an amazing that you avoid the shame and EMBARASSMENT of fumbling on stage.

In any case, the ACTION you take today will lead to any of these 2 possible scenarios.

Scenario 1 :A Shameful Presentation

You get on stage that day, and your heart begins to pound so HARD like you are chased by a dog.

As you begin to speak you shake with fear like a leaf in the wind.

Then as you speak, you fumble and mumble.

You embarrass yourself on stage and make common public speaking mistakes.

Then finally you get off the stage (in a HURRY) , and sit down with shame painted all over your face. 

Then for days you become the laughing stock of people.

...or …

Scenario 2: An Amazing Presentation

You get on stage with FULL confidence.

You deliver your presentation, wow the audience and at the end you get a standing ovation as you leave the stage.

When you get to your seat, you get handshakes and people say “WOW… that was a great speech”.  

You now earn the RESPECT of everyone around including your superiors.

Wouldn’t you like that?

That would be great, right?

Well, you see, all these will only HAPPEN to YOU if you take advantage of the SECRETS you'll soon discover on this page.

But before I reveal all the details, first let me introduce myself.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is George Essien.

George Essien Public Speaking

I am a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant and the first in Nigeria to be certified Peak Performance Consultant.

I am the go-to guy when individuals, start-ups, and big organizations want to get results FAST.

For the last 14 years I have trained the staffs of top brands like MTN, Airtel, DHL and many other multinationals. 

I help these businesses build their brands, develop their staff and generate more sales and revenue.

George Essien Public Speaking
(Me speaking at a Rochas Foundation event at Imo State, Nigeria. 2018)

George Essien Public Speaking

(Me speaking at a SHELL cooperative staff event at Port Harcourt.2014)

george essien public speaking

(Me speaking at my Public Speaking Mentorship Program at Uyo, Nigeria. 2017)

speaking George Essien
(Speaking at an event.2018)

speaking aat an event . George Essien

(Me speaking at a cooperate sales training Port Harcourt.2019)

training george essien

(Me speaking to students of Mobil Pegasus Schools at Eket. 2018)

In 2015, I began Nigeria’s Leading Public Speaking School called PODIUM DYNAMICS ACADEMY to train people both offline and online how to prepare , write and deliver speeches and presentation BOLDLY and effectively.

Students of public speaking George essien

(Myself and some of my Public Speaking students.Class of 2017)

training george essien

(Me training staffs of a Planet FM,Uyo . 2015)

See What Other People Say About Me And My Services

“George Essien’s expertise in human resources management is top notch. We always have a rewarding time having him train our people at TECHDAER.”

Diaso Josiah
 (Head of Training, TechDaer Oil Servicing Limited)

“George Essien’s training on Sales and Corporate Culture helped our sales force all over Nigeria to reset their goals and reach for more audacious targets”

Mr. Lanre Olayinka
(Head of Sales, DHL Nigeria)

“His training are world class. I highly recommend him”

Mr. Tony Affia,
 Chairman Planet FM

“One hour with George Essien, and it was a blast.! Amazing orator”

Miss Okorocha,
Rochas Foundation.

All these trainings and testimonials were possible because of my public speaking skill.

Public speaking has given me all SORTS of wonderful opportunities.

How I Met A Billionaire

In November 7th 2017 I did training at Uyo, Akwa Ibom for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) where I spoke to youths about “how to pitch their ideas”.

I didn’t know a Billionaire was in that meeting.

After the training, the Billionaire commended me and got my number and I got his.

After that meeting, I got a juicy job from him a few weeks later.

If I didn’t have public speaking skills, this opportunity may have never happened in my lifetime.

In fact because of my public speaking ability, I have had one-on-one contact with…

 …Millionaires, Politicians, Commissioners, CEOs, Business Executives, Bankers And All Sort Of Important People In The Society.

Emeka Nobis says...

george essien and emeka nobis

(Me And Emeka Nobis)

"George Essien is a great guy. His ideas are worth listening to"

Ubong Essien (CSP) says...

ubong essien
(Ubong Essien CSP)

"It is good to see George Essien grow in this industry that I pioneered. As the only Certified Speaking Professional In Nigeria , certified by NSA, I will say watch out for George. He's great at speaking"

Lilian David And George Essien...

Lilian david

(Me and Lilian David)

Honourable Barrister Onofiok Luke (Speaker House of Assembly Akwa Ibom State) Says...

Onofiok Luke

(Me and Honourable Onofiok Luke)

" I have watched George Essien on Television a number of times. It is good we have an eloquent son who represents and makes Akwa Ibom proud around the world"

Joyce Daniels (Top MC in Nigeria) says...

Joyce Daniels

(Me and Joyce Daniels)

"George Essien is a friend of many years. I have had course to teach in Podium Dynamics Academy , his Public Speaking school , and I have listened to him a number of times. He is good at what he does".

GeofQ , a Newscaster on Channels TV says...


(Me and GeofQ)

"George Essien comes across strong as an insightful speaker"

It’s Been an Awesome Ride.

If you develop your public speaking skill, you TOO can have all these AWESOME experiences.

Many of my students NOW enjoy these warm and fantastic experiences because they too have honed their public speaking skill.

 I have trained civil servants, medical doctors, pastors, entrepreneurs, students (and many other people) the secrets of public speaking.

For Example…

When Mr Emmanuel Ned first came for my public speaking training program, he had a speech impediment. In fact he didn’t know much about making a good presentation.

But everything changed after taking the program. He is now able to engage his audience and speak effectively.

Here’s Exactly What He Says

Emmanuel Ned “My name is Emmanuel Ned.

 When I met George Essien years back, I  had a burning desire to share my thoughts  and speak to hearts and minds.

 I had a message to share with the world.
  But I had a speech impediment and was unable to speak BOLDLY.

So I enrolled into his Public Speaking academy. This public speaking program and training program changed my life.

Now, I’ve not only MASTERED the art of public speaking, I now run a relationship training camp.

I am also currently a trainer in the Emile Thomas Leadership Academy and have spoken in different events in more than 5 states in Nigeria.”

What Other Students Say About The Training.

Saviour Jacob Says…

“I considered myself a very intelligent person but anytime I held the microphone to speak, I suffered from stage fright.

After taking the public speaking program, especially the class on the “science of self-confidence”, I knew how to use anchors to develop confidence any time I am on the podium”.

Mrs Larry David (A Nurse) Also Says

“I have had two experiences with Mr George Essien.

First was through his online course.

The videos opened my eyes to public speaking. Then I did a one-on-one public speaking coaching with him.

The experience was mind-blowing.

I am a nurse and my husband is a doctor. At the clinic that my husband owns, I do speeches before the nursing staff.

My husband noticed a great improvement in my speeches  and even wants to attend the class”


Anita Michael (Spoken Word Artist) Says…

“I am a spoken word artist, and my artistry and speech delivery was improved immensely because I took the public speaking courses offered by Podium Dynamics Academy”

sam ubong

Ubong Sam (A Network Marketer) Says…

“In October 2018, I started taking the public speaking classes with George Essien.

I learned a lot from the program and improved my public speaking skill.

Today I travel around Nigeria giving speeches at our MLM events”


Miss Precious Usen (NigerPet Structure Ltd) Says…

I first listened to George Essien at a conference and made up my mind to learn from him.

As someone interested in putting together a monthly event, I knew I needed public speaking lessons.

Attending Podium Dynamics Academy, exposed me to the systematic knowledge of public speaking.

Now I know how to engage my audiences more through ICE BREAKING lessons learned from the program


Zion Bassey Says…

“I had stammering as a speech impediment. This affected my confidence level.

In 2015, I went through the public speaking program.

Today I have not only overcome stammering, I now head an organization that runs a number of training events”

Olusegun Olatimi Says..

“While serving as a corp member, I decided to take the public speaking course put together by George Essien.

It helped in improving my grammar, knocking off stage fright and strengthening my delivery.

Today, I work at a Microfinance Bank in Ibadan in Nigeria and I do a lot of presentations to the board and to customers.

The public speaking lessons have helped me a lot. I still refer to the videos regularly”
George essien Public speaking

Kennedy Chuwumma Says…

“I thought I knew public speaking until I took the program.

I used to think public speaking is a gift, but as I attended the program, I realized that public speaking is not a gift, but a skill.

I now use lots of the public speaking lessons I learnt in the NGO I work with”

Essiet Obot Says…

“I sell information products.

 You can call me a tech guy. On several occasions I have to make speeches before clients and investors.

So to improve my speaking skill, in 2018, I decided to pay and undertake the public speaking program.

The program has greatly improved my pitches and has helped me sell more of my products and services”

Dr Aretha Ekpo Says...

Dr Aretha Ekpo

" I schooled in the Ukraine but I always desired to learn public speaking.

When I was in Nigeria in 2017, I saw the "public speaking school" bill board so I signed up. 

My life has been better for it. Thank you George"

 TODAY, You Too, Can Have ACCESS To These Public Speaking Secrets.

You too can KILL stage fright and be transformed into an outstanding public speaker.

  Finally, you will be able to speak and communicate effectively to any kind of audience. Whether it's a congregation, your office staff or in front a group of TOTAL strangers.

You’ll be shocked at how this skill will ATTRACT awesome people in the society to YOU. This will OPEN up all manner of opportunities for you.

So Here’s What I Did For YOU

I recorded all the trainings I usually give my coaching students in the Podium Dynamics Academy into a special set of 13 videos (mp4 format) and 3 audio mp3.

This training is called…

…Public Speaking Mastery Program

public speaking mastery program

The Public Speaking Mastery Program is a comprehensive training program designed to DRIVE away stage fright and will transform you into an eloquent speaker.

After Watching And Listening To This Program, You’ll Know The SECRETS Of Public Speaking.

You’ll know how to easily prepare your speech (or presentation) and how to deliver it BOLDLY in front of any audience.

 This training consists of 13 recorded videos and 3 audios, each one (showing you STEP BY STEP) how to handle an important aspect of public speaking.

You can conveniently watch these and listen to them on your laptop or on your mobile device in the comfort of your house (or anywhere you like).

So What Are The Different Modules Found In This Public Speaking Mastery Program?

Here are the details of different modules.

Module 1: Public Speaking Pros And Cons

(28 minutes 57 seconds)

In this module you’ll discover the following:

  • 1.   Why PUBLIC SPEAKING is one of the most POWERFUL skill YOU should develop in life
  • 2.   Why you need to hone your public speaking skill…as QUICKLY as possible
  • 3.   Discover 2 kinds of public speaking (1 of them is the most POWERFUL and sometimes a DESTRUCTIVE kind of public speaking)
  • 4.   The DARK side of public speaking
  • 5.   The REAL meaning of communication as it relates to public speaking
  • 6.    Why connecting with your audience is IMPORTANT and 7 ways to do it QUICKLY
  • 7.   How 2 TALENTED Nigerians almost LOST great opportunities because they were not great SPEAKERS
  • 8.   How to instantly CONNECT with your audience WITHOUT even saying a single word
  • 9.   “Speaking begins with _______” (see the answer at 16 minutes 53 seconds of this module)
  • 10.   How your dress can negatively or positively AFFECT the outcome of your speech and presentation
  • 11.    When wearing a SUIT can RUIN your speech or presentation
  • 12.     How to select the appropriate clothing to wear for your speech or presentation
  • 13.    “A speaker is a PAINTER of pictures”. (Discover what this means at 18 minutes 14 seconds of this module)
  • 14.   Discover the “painting tools” of great public speakers (NO. It’s not a paint brush on canvas or any kind of fine arts)
  • 15.  Discover the 7 elements of effective communication (you need these elements to speak effectively)
  • 16. Two things that can NEGATIVELY affect the communication of your speech or presentation (and what to do about them)
  • 17.      3 kinds of people you’ll find in any AUDIENCE and how to effectively communicate with THEM. (Each of them like different things in a speech)
  • 18.     8 kinds of communications (and how they’ll affect your public speaking skill)

Module 2: How To Overcome Stage Fright (The Science Of Self-Confidence)

(26 minutes 49 seconds long)

In this module, you’ll discover the following:

  • 1.   How to “CHANGE” your mind…and kill stage fright
  • 2.   8 psychological things that can cause or KILL stage fright (and how to deal with each of them)
  • 3.   These 4 things KILLS stage fright (If you have them (or do them) before standing on stage to speak, you won’t have stage fright)
  • 4.   Why people have stage fright and what to do to overcome it
  • 5.   The TRUTH about self-confidence and stage fright
  • 6.   How your THOUGHTS affect your self-confidence and produces stage fright (and what to do about it)
  • 7.   2 simple ACTIVITIES you MUST do before a presentation (these activities births confidence and eliminates stage fright)
  • 8.    “___________plus _____________ equals confidence”. (find out what these 2 things are …and how both of them can ELIMINATE stage fright)
  • 9.   How your WORDS affect your self-confidence and how this leads to stage fright (and what to do about it)
  • 10.    How CLARITY helps you build self–confidence (and how this helps you overcome stage fright)
  • 11.   How to exude CHARISMA on stage when you speak
  • 12.    To overcome stage fright you must understand these 2 CONCEPTS (see the answers starting at 6 minutes 50 seconds of this module)
  • 13.    How your “BODY” can generate stage fright (and how to make your body work in your favour)
  • 14.    7 physiological things that can cause stage fright and proven ways to deal with all of them
  • 15.    Simple ways to activate your “BODY CHEMICALS” so they can help YOU eliminate stage fright
  • 16.  1 thing you must do REPEATEDLY to TOTALLY overcome stage fright
  • 17.  A simple “WORD TRICK” you can use to motivate yourself , boost your confidence and KILL fear , before giving a speech
  • 18.  How to channel your PASSION to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • 19.   How your body language AFFECTS your speech and presentation (and how to use it right)
  • 20.    How your “voice” and your “breathing” can be used to eliminate stage fright
  • 21.  How to use “SOMEONE’s FACE” in the audience to eliminate stage fright (Do this immediately you get on stage)

Module 3: Public Speaking Mistakes

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   What to NEVER ever do when you give a speech or make a presentation (see answer at 8 minutes 21 seconds of this module)
  • 2.   How your EYES can ruin your speech or presentation and how to avoid this mistake
  • 3.   The biggest public speaking mistakes most speakers make and how to avoid them
  • 4.   How to use your PHONE to improve your public speaking skills
  • 5.   What to do to prepare a speech or presentation
  • 6.   How to easily detect when a speaker did not prepare properly for a presentation (so you do not make the same mistake)
  • 7.   Questions you MUST ask yourself when preparing a speech or presentation
  • 8.    When and when NOT to use notes during a speech or presentation
  • 9.   Why using notes during a presentation can send the wrong message to your audience
  • 10.   The ACCEPTED items you can use as a guide when you make speeches or presentation
  • 11.   What to NEVER ever do when you give a speech or make a presentation (see answer at 8 minutes 21 seconds of this module)
  • 12.   Discover the CARDINAL sin of public speaking (avoid this at all cost)
  • 13.   How to position yourself properly on stage when speaking to your audience
  • 14.   Is it okay to shout at your audience? (you’ll see the answer in this module)
  • 15.   1 key element of public speaking (if you don’t get this right, your speech will flop)
  • 16.    How to use SILENCE to engage your audience (this technique is so POWERFUL , it almost GLUES your audience to you)
  • 17.    How to easily catch your breath as you speak to any audience
  • 18.    The best way PUNCTUATE your speech or presentation so that your audience can easily understand and get your point
  • 19.     If members of your audience are distracted …here’s how to DIRECT back their attention to YOU…and get them all to listen raptly to you …WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD
  • 20.    One of the most important thing to find out when preparing and researching your presentation
  • 21.      Important things to KNOW about your audience before preparing your presentation
  • 22.   How to TAILOR your message to fit (like lock and key) with your audience so that they can easily ENGAGE and CONNECT with you
  • 23.    Why giving a GREAT presentation to the wrong audience will FLOP (And how to NEVER make this common mistake. Ever)
  • 24.  Why you should NEVER look at the heads of your audience during your presentation (and what to do instead)
  • 25.   Discover the MOST important non-verbal skill in the tool box of a speaker
  • 26.    How to READ the minds of your audience while you are on stage 
(this simple speaking technique will help you know if you are connecting with your audience)
  • 27.     How to craft the most important part of your speech or presentation (if you miss it, the remaining part of the presentation will flop)
  • 28.   8 proven ways to start your speech that will HOOK your audience and force them to pay rapt attention to every word you utter
  • 29.  If you plan to use stories in your presentation, don’t omit these important elements (without these elements your stories will be boring and dry)
  • 30.   12 things you should NEVER do when you speak (these things can ruin your presentation)
  • 31.    The right time to pace on the stage when making a presentation
  • 32.    How what your body is SAYING can affect your presentation POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY
  • 33.    A simple “eye contact trick” that will make you speak with AUTHORITY (all great speakers know how to do this)
  • 34.   What is “Confidence Stance” and how to use it effectively to give amazing presentations
  • 35.    How to convey confidence and credibility using your body language
  • 36.    The 2 most important parts of your presentation you should REHEARSE at least 3 times before giving the presentation
  • 37.     Why speaking from “the pit of your stomach” is the right way to speak when making a presentation
  • 38.   Discover the BIGGEST mistake made by people who think they are good at speaking
  • 39.   After preparing your presentation…here's the most IMPORTANT thing you must do before going on stage to make the presentation
 (if you OMIT this step, you’ll embarrass yourself in front of the audience)
  • 40.    The worst way to handle NERVOUSNESS  (and how handle it RIGHT)
  • 41.    4  things you should never say to your audience when you make your presentation
  • 42.    What your audience LOVE to see when you start speaking and how to give it to them
  • 43.     “Data Dumping” and how it can ruin your presentation
  • 44.    A common mistake preachers make in public speaking (this truth is found in this module at the 27 minutes 19 seconds)
  • 45.   When to end you talk with a Question and Answer session, and when NOT to end your talk with a Question and Answer session
  • 46.   The RIGHT way to add Question and Answer session to your presentation
  • 47.   How your HANDS can help you give amazing presentations (and how they can RUIN in too)
  • 48.   What ARISTOTLE can teach you about preparing and giving great speeches or presentations
  • 49.   How too “much information” can bore your audience and ruin your presentation

Module 4: Ice Breakers In Public Speaking

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   The most effective Ice breaking techniques you can use any time you make a presentation (You can’t go wrong with any of them)
  • 2.   How to transform ordinary pieces of PAPER into ice breakers
  • 3.   The meaning and use of icebreakers in public speaking (and why they are so IMPORTANT)
  • 4.   The 3 most important things to aim at when you speak or make a presentation
  • 5.    Ten types of icebreakers you should use during your presentation
  • 6.  Why you should use icebreakers during your speeches and presentations
  • 7.   The correct times and ways to use Ice breakers during your speech or presentation
  • 8.   Examples of ice breakers you can COPY and use for your speech or presentation
  • 9.   How to warm up your audience so that they are receptive to your presentation…even before your start the presentation
  • 10.   Why most speakers use icebreakers before the opening of their speech or presentation
  • 11.     How to make your audience ready to connect and hear you before you even start your speech or presentation

Module 5: How To Open A Presentation

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   The most IMPORTANT thing you MUST do when you open a presentation (get this wrong and the rest of the presentation may flop)
  • 2.   17 proven ways to open a presentation (Your opening is the most important part of your presentation and these 17 ways will help you do it right)
  • 3.   How to use other people’s words to open a presentation

Module 6: Speech Writing

In this module you’ll learn the following.

  • 1.   The most important things you should know about speech writing
  • 2.   The relationship between a “woman’s skirt” and speech writing 
  • 3.   How to determine the FOCUS of your speech or presentation
  • 4.   The one thing all presentations MUST have
  • 5.   How DECODERS influence your presentation…and the 3 types of decoders that can influence your presentation
  • 6.   The Who, WHAT and Where of speech writing
  • 7.   You outline should be minimum of _____and maximum of _____ (see the answer in this module starting from at 5 minutes 30 seconds)
  • 8.   The different important things you MUST consider when writing your presentation or speech

Module 7: Creating Compelling Slides And Using Speaking Props

In this module you’ll learn the following.

  • 1.   A live video showing how to create compelling slides for your presentation using PowerPoint
  • 2.   How to use PowerPoint  to create compelling slides …even if you have NEVER done it before
  • 3.   The MOST important item you MUST have on your slides (without this item, your slides will be boring and your presentation may flop )
  • 4.   Discover how to select a good theme for your presentation
  • 5.   What to consider when making slides for your presentation
  • 6.   How to format the texts on slides to look GOOD (this  affects the beauty of your slides)
  • 7.   How to add pictures to your slides
  • 8.   How to set your slides to transition smoothly from 1 to another

Module 8: How To Prepare A Speech (Audio mp3)

(5 minutes 2 seconds)

In this module you’ll learn the following:

  • 1.   4 areas you must FOCUS on when preparing your speech
  • 2.   How to use the AIDA principle to create an amazing presentation
  • 3.   Why preparation is so important to the success of your speech
  • 4.   How to build CONFIDENCE by properly preparing for your speech
  • 5.   The first thing you must do when you want to prepare a speech
  • 6.   _______ analysis is an IMPORTANT thing to do when preparing a speech (see answer in this module)
  • 7.    How to develop the BODY of your speech or presentation
  • 8.   What part of your speech should you spend more time on? See answer in this module.
  • 9.   How to PRACTICE your speech and presentation so you have an amazing success
  • 10.  How your audience can help you prepare your speech or presentation

Module 9: Transformational Vocabulary

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   How to transform simple words to POWERFUL tools of persuasion and power
  • 2.   How to transform ordinary words to extraordinary words
  • 3.   ______and _________ has more IMPACT on your audience than the words of your speech or presentation (see details at 4 minutes 46 seconds)
  • 4.   How to use words to stimulate the body chemicals of your audience (you that they will connect with you and love your speech)

Module 10: How To Interest Any Audience

(27 minutes 32 seconds)

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   Discover 8 critical ways to interest any audience
  • 2.   If you don’t get the minds of your audience in _____ you will lose them (see answers in this module)
  • 3.    How to capture the minds of your audience and keep it till you’re done speaking
  • 4.    How to use your VOICE to interest your audience  
  • 5.    What you should KNOW about your audience and how you can use it to interest them
  • 6.    How to use stories to interest your audience
  •  7.    How to tell a GOOD story that attracts and keep the attention of your audience

  • 8.   How to use your PASSION to interest your audience
  • 9.   The DANGER of starting your speech or presentation with a joke (and how to use it right)
  • 10   .How to get the attention of your audience “4 Times FASTER”

Module 11:Vocal Variety And Body Language In Public Speaking

(27 minutes 32 seconds)

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   The POWER of body language in speech making and presentation
  • 2.   Five qualities of a good public speaking voice
  • 3.   How to MANIPULATE your voice to show your audience AUTHORITY and AUTHENTICITY
  • 4. Five ways to manipulate your voice so you communicate effectively to your audience
  • 5.   How  to use SILENCE to make a great speech or presentation
  • 6.   Simple vocal exercises that TRAINS your voice tone
  • 7.   Body language secrets for effective public speaking
  • 8.   Who to “Look” at , “what to look at “ ,  “How to look at them” , and WHY you should look at these people , when making a speech or presentation
  • 9.   What to do to your FACE, to grab the attention of your audience when making a speech or presentation
 (It’s so simple and POWERFUL. It takes only 2 seconds to do it)

Module 12: Persuasion Basics

(29 minutes 11 seconds)

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   How to use your WORDS to persuade people to accept, believe and take ACTION on anything you speak about
  • 2.   Discover 3 types of persuasion in public speaking
  • 3.   How to use the EMOTIONS of your audience to persuade them to take action
  • 4.   How to use the “EYES” of your audience to persuade your audience
  • 5.   Three  simple ways to IDENTIFY the emotions of your audience and use it to persuade them
  • 6.    How to use “Body Movement” to persuade your audience
  • 7.   How to persuade your audience just by OBSERVING their faces 
  • 8.    How to become a persuasive speaker
  • 9.   How “COPYING” can help you persuade your audience when you speak
  • 10.    How “INTERRUPTIONS” affects the persuasiveness of your speech
  • 11.    Add these 8 things to your speech and you will, WOW your audience and arouse their attention
  • 12.   How to instantly and carefully SHIFT people’s beliefs (so you can easily persuade them)
  • 13.   How the way you're INTRODUCED by your guest or the MC (to the audience) can help you influence and persuade them
  • 14.    Simple persuasion tools for public speakers

Module 13: How To Close A Speech And Get A Standing Ovation

(12 minutes, 56 seconds)

In this module, you’ll discover the following:

  • 1.   The MOST important thing to do when writing a closing for your speech or presentation
  • 2.   The different proven ways to close a speech
  • 3.   How to use physical objects to close a speech
  • 4.   What you MUST do after writing you close (if you don’t do this, you may mess up your speech)

Module 14: Platform Presence

(29 minutes 53 seconds)

In this module you’ll discover the following:

  • 1.    How to exude POSITIVE ENERGY when you get on a stage to speak
  • 2.   Examples of speakers with GREAT presence you can study
  • 3.   Different PROVEN things you can do to produce a great platform presence
  • 4.   How to use SELF-CONTROL to produce a positive atmosphere when you speak
  • 5.   5 more practical and proven ways to ELIMINATE stage fright
  • 6.   2 major things you MUST control to have magnificent stage presence
  • 7.   How what you wear affects your STAGE presence (Discover how to use this to your advantage)
  • 8.   How the colours of your dress can affect your stage presence
  • 9.   How to use lights and lighting to ENGINEER a positive stage presence
  • 10.   How to use your voice to create a positive stage presence
  • 11.    How your hands and body language affects your stage presence
  • 12.     Why the tone of your voice and your body language are more IMPORTANT than your spoken words
  • 13.     How to use external objects to engineer a positive stage presence

Module 15: Must-Haves To Be A Great Public Speaker

(16 minutes 2 seconds)

In this module, you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   The TRUTH about great speakers (this will console you and help to keep improving your speaking skills)
  • 2.   The QUALITIES of an amazing speaker (MASTER these secrets and your speaking skill will improve)
  • 3.   NEVER climb the stage if you have not done _______ (see answers in this module)
  • 4.   How “BEING ALONE” can help you become a great speaker
  • 5.   Why the use of BIG words can ruin your speech or presentation
  • 6.   How to use your GOOD ,BAD  And UGLY Life EXPERIENCES to transform your speech into a HIT with your audience

Module 16 :  Public Speaking Laws (audio mp3)

(24 minutes 33 seconds)

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   Food to NEVER eat before giving a speech
  • 2.   How your television can help you make a great speech or presentation
  • 3.   How to QUICKLY prepare for a speech in 2 days
  • 4.   “How your presence” affects your speech or presentation
  • 5.   The "law of points" and how it helps you give a great presentation
  • 6.   How to use statistics and data to prepare and give a great presentation
  • 7. The kind of liquid you should NEVER drink before giving a speech

Order NOW And Get 3 FREE Bonuses

When you ORDER the Public Speaking Mastery Program right NOW, you’ll also receive these 3 special bonuses …ALL For FREE.

Bonus 1: The Business Of Public Speaking

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1.   How to turn your public speaking skill into a gushing stream of income
  • 2.   The spiritual side of public speaking
  • 3.   How to PROPERLY transform your public speaking skill into a profitable business
  • 4.   How to FIND your niche as a public speaker
  • 5.   Discover the different kinds of speakers and how to select the best one that’s aligns with YOU
  • 6.   How you can SPEAK about your success stories and generate INCOME with them
  • 7.   The TRUTH about motivational speakers and motivational speaking
  • 8.   8 steps to transforming your public speaking ability into a steady stream of income

Bonus 2: Video Critique Of Your Speech

As part of this special program, you’ll be asked to do 3 exercises that I can critique and score you on.

For example, in some of the modules, I’ve asked you to record or write something and send to me.

I’ll look at it and advice you on how to improve.

This is a service usually reserved for VIP clients. And I usually charge from N10 000 and more for this.

But when you order RIGHT now, you’ll enjoy 3 FREE video critiques as part of this program.

This is a special service so I may one day change my mind and take it off without notice ,so hurry and take advantage of this NOW.

Bonus 3: The Public Speaker And The Internet

In this module you’ll discover the following.

  • 1. How the INTERNET can help you become an eloquent public speaker
  • 2.   Five POWERFUL things your can do with the internet as a public speaker
  • 3.   A simple way to organize information and be ready to speak whenever you are invited to give one
  • 4.   How social media can help your public speaking skill
  • 5.   “every writer should be a __________ (see the answer in this module)
  • 6.   Different channels for branding yourself as a public speaker
  • 7.   How to UNCOVER hundreds of quotes and statistics in 60 seconds from the palm of your hand

So How Much Is The

Public Speaking Mastery Program?

Before I reveal that , you need to know the value of what you are getting.

Firstly, you are getting 13 video modules and 3 audios recording for the main training and 2 videos modules as bonuses.

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So all together you get 15 videos and 3 audio recordings making a total of 18 modules.

You see, I could easily sell each of this module at N2000 each, which comes to 18 times 2000. This equals N36 000.

For my video critique service ,I could easily charge N15 000 per video because it is a special VIP coaching service. (Usually reserved for my 1 on 1 coaching clients.

So the 3 video critiques would cost 3 times N15 000, equals N45 000.

Altogether, the total value of everything is about N36 000 +N45 000. Which is N81 000. 

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I could easily charge N50 000 or N30 000.

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You can close this page and ignore all the BENEFITS and opportunities that you will get from being a good public speaker.

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This is obviously a BAD choice.

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Option 2:

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All of these can be your NEW life. You're just 1 step away.

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Finally,Read What The Billionaire, Warren Buffet, Advices About Public Speaking.

This is 1 more reason why you should order the Public Speaking Mastery Program NOW.

It’s an advice from the Billionaire himself, Warren Buffet.

In a publication in, you’ll find this story.

warren buffet 2

You see,when Warren was much younger, he had the goal of becoming a millionaire by 35.

But he had one BIG difficulty. He was afraid of public speaking.

“I was terrified of public speaking when I was young. I couldn’t do it”. Buffet says.

In fact he admits he would become physically ill when the time came to take the podium.

But everything changed for him when he…

…INVESTED $100 On A Public Speaking Course Taught At Dale Carnegie Institute.

He says “I proposed to my wife actually during the middle of the course. I got so confident about my abilities”.

“It also helped me sell stocks in Omaha, despite being 21 and looking very young” he added.

It's been years since that investment, and he has surpassed himself and has moved from being a millionaire to becoming a billionaire. 

Yet his public speaking skill has served him and has contributed to his HUGE success.

He Advices People To Improve Their Public Speaking Skill

warren buffet


You may not want to be a billionaire.

But as you can see, INVESTING in this public speaking program will positively affect your personal relationships, business, self- esteem and will make you an effective communicator. 

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George Essien Public speaker

George Essien

PS: Don’t forget this page reveals how to overcome stage fright and deliver an amazing presentation…even if you have never spoken in public before

PPS: The price of the program can increase at any time, so the best time to take ACTION is now.

PPPS: Hurry so you can also download and enjoy 3 special FREE bonuses given to you on this page.



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