How A 30-Minute Presentation Made Me A Millionaire In Nigeria

Read On To Uncover The Amazing Secrets That Helped Me Move From Being Broke, Homeless And Frustrated To Becoming A Millionaire A Few Years Later.

And How YOU Can Use These Same Secrets To Change Your Financial Life Starting Today.


George Essien


My name is George Essien.

If you live in the Southern part of Nigeria, you have probably heard of my name.

You have either heard my radio program, watched me on Television, read my article on a national daily or attended one of my seminars.

I have been a motivational speaker since 1999.

I actually became a professional speaker in 2005. That means I started earning from speaking engagements from that year.

Now, if you Google top professional speakers in Nigeria, you’ll see my name on many websites.

public speakers in Nigeria

(Result of Google search for "public speakers in Nigeria")

That did not happen overnight.

My story is actually an interesting one and I like to share it with you.

It will inspire you to pursue and persist with your dreams until your financial life changes along with every other aspect of your life.

Here’s My Story

In the year 2007, I raised N1,000,000 to begin my media, training and publishing business.

I was 25 years old, just out from the University, and bustling with enthusiasm and zeal.

I plunged into business with a lot of hope and expectation.

I worked very hard.

The unfortunate thing is that barely 1 year after I had raised N1 Million, I was bankrupt and indebted to the tune of N 1.5 Million.

It Was A Very Humbling Experience For Me.

I saw myself constantly running away and avoiding my creditors.

I was behind on my bills.

I couldn’t pay my office rent.

I owed the staff that I employed.

In fact, at one time I had to squat with a friend because I could not pay for the flat I was staying.

My Girlfriend, The One I Had Promised To Marry, Left Me.

 I had gone as far doing an introduction with the family.

Certain people started saying that I needed to pray, that I needed serious prayers, that how could I be so intelligent but not make progress?

They even offered special prayers.

My contemporaries were moving forward.

You know that awkward feeling you have seeing your contemporaries getting married, buying cars, having children, even building houses and you seemingly, stay in one spot?

 That is how I felt.

A Certain Pastor Even Once Told Me That My Life Was In A Mess.

And I almost believed him because he was such a popular pastor in my town and one who had a great influence in my life.

It was a challenging period of my life.

It is really funny how people literally desert you when you go through valley experiences.

But I learnt one IMPORTANT thing in those periods , and that is:

...To Focus On Making Myself Better (Skill-Wise)…

…rather than look at my mounting issues, debts and problems. And that was the greatest resolve I made in those periods.

I made up my mind to be the very BEST IN MY FIELD.

To be so good that when people think of my area of industry my name immediately comes to their mind.

Google “LEADING SPEAKERS IN NIGERIA” and see what I mean.

(picture proof)

Today, even if I lose everything I have, I will use that same principle again.

I Will Focus On Being Better (Skill Wise And Perhaps Character Wise) Rather Than Focus On The Problems.

Jim Rohn said it perfectly.

He said, “Don’t wish for less challenges. Wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills. Things will not change unless you first change.”

One of the skills I focused on was …

…Public Speaking/Presentation, Persuasion And Negotiation.

You know why?

Because whether you are a student, business owner, employer, employee, house wife or a human being, this is the one of the most IMPORTANT skills you should develop.

As long as you’ll interact with people, you NEED to know how to present your ideas, persuade people and negotiate your way out or into anything.

No wonder …

…The Billionaire Warren Buffet Says…”Public Speaking Is One Of The Best Investment Anyone Can Make On His Or Herself”

Warren Buffet On Public Speaking

(Article from

So I worked hard to master the entire mechanics and dynamics of communication, oral and written.

Ubong Essien

I remember going to meet Ubong Essien, a leading motivational speaker in Nigeria, to learn how he was raking in so much money doing trainings and speaking engagements.

I also met bestselling author Praise George to share with me his ideas on effective book writing and sales.

I met with Adeolu Akinyemi, a financial consultant and MLM expert, and asked him questions.

They all kept saying that…

…Communication (Written And Oral) Was Actually The Most Important Skill I Should Develop.

This was exactly what Warren Buffet said too.

From that day, I started spending 100s of hours on the Internet devouring hundreds of material on public speaking, persuasion, copy-writing and negotiation.

My goal was to develop my written and oral communication skills to EXPERT level.

I Attended Scores Of Seminars And Meetings And Watched Presenters.

 I read and studied hundreds of copy-writings and sales letters and presentations.

Fela Durotoye’s passionate presentation and depth of research excited me.

Leke Alder’s creative use of words and depth to explain concepts enthralled me.

Listening to Sam Adeyemi’s soft yet punchy presentations got me always thinking.

Public speakers In Nigeria

They Were The Masters.

They were all millionaires.

And they had largely raked their millions from their ability to effectively communicate both through oral and written presentations.

I watched hundreds of videos and personally practiced before the mirror again and again.

I created and staged scenarios and imagined delivering on point always before any audience.

Meanwhile, I was still struggling financially.

I was still behind on my bills.

But like I said…

…I Chose To Focus On Developing These Skills Rather Than On The Mounting Issues.

In a few years, I started getting some headway.

I reduced my debt.

I found my way to be on a local TV and did motivational speeches for free on air.

Me on radio

(Me on Radio)

Me on TV

Seated on the left: Me on TV

I found a way to write for local newspapers, magazines and contributed to a national daily.

Some churches invited me to give presentations for little or nothing. I accepted every invitation.

My Goal Was To Use All These Platforms To Create A Brand And Also Improve My Myself.

My business was still struggling seriously.

But I found a way to keep it going.

When I didn’t have an office, I used a friend’s place as my contact.

When my friend kicked me out, I used a cyber café that I used regularly as my contact and did a lot of online interactions.

Sometimes, I Met Clients At Fast Food Restaurants.

I just kept finding ways.

You know there was this temptation to give up on several occasions.

As a matter of fact, I did.

My people told me to go look for a job.

There was also this time that I was at the British Embassy to find a way out of the country.

They Denied Me Visa.

I moved to Port-Harcourt and worked with a certain trainer and pastor.

The venture lasted 2 months.

The so-called pastor kept telling that I had to totally abandon my dreams and follow his. I just couldn’t.

My life was making some progress; but I still thought it slow.

About This Period I Registered For The YOUWIN Business Plan Competition

I was not expecting much but I just tried.

About 161,000 Nigerians applied for the business plan competition.

I was fortunate to selected for the 3 days training.

Out of 161,000 I was privileged to be selected among the next 6,000.

This is where my sales copy writing skills really came handy.

You know why?

…Because A Business Plan Is Actually A Sales Letter.

All my years of honing my skills in writing presentation helped me to be in the next 2500 people.

My business plan was to invest funds in my Media, training and Publishing company.

I had applied for N10 Million.

I guess the YOUWIN guys were having quite some difficulty picking the last 1,200.

(Usually the Federal Ministry of Finance of Nigeria empowers 1,200 young people within the ages of 18-45 with a minimum of N1 Million and a maximum of N10 million. They have done it in the last 3 years.)

Now because they had a lot of smart entrepreneurs (2,500), they decided to do the ultimate test:

A 30 Minutes Presentation To Defend Your Business Plan.

YOUWIN wanted to hear us pitch about our businesses.

It was something they have never done before.

Yes, we had impressed them through our impressive written business plans but they now wanted to hear us speak.

They wanted us to PERSUADE and NEGOTIATE with them.

Thank God, I was READY.

You see, by this time, I had already grown in my public speaking abilities so much so that I had started receiving a number of speaking invitation around the country Nigeria.

My speaking fees ranged from N30,000 to N150,000, depending on the distance and the people involved.

Me  Speaking at an event
(Me speaking at an event)

I got speaking engagements ranging from 2 to 4 a month.

Even in my crisis period I had already put together over 40 seminars around Nigeria and had had a number public speaking students.

One Of Then Was A Potential YOUWIN AWARDEE.

Her name?

Dr Mabel O.

We had met at the YOUWIN Training and she knew that I was involved in public speaking training.

As our presentation period approached, she called me up and paid some sum to me to TEACH HER HOW TO DO AN EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION.

And I did.

We had to travel to Enugu for this presentation.

We were to face a panel of 4.

When It Was My Turn, I Literally Wowed The Panel.

They so impressed they asked for my contact!

My focus on communication, my focus on effective writing and public speaking had FINALLY paid off.

It Made Me A Multimillionaire In A 30 Minute Presentation!

Because of a 30-minute presentation, I moved from being one who was managing…I moved from one who was being ridiculed...

...I moved from one who was just getting by, to one who could call China and negotiate about cost of machines in millions!

And Yes!

 Dr. Mabel Okechukwu, my student, also got…


From applying EVERYTHING I taught her, she got the very same result I got.

She didn’t have to spend years like I did.

She just read my e-book, observed me, listened to my audios and compressed DECADES INTO DAYS literally.

Why Did I Share This Story?

To brag? May be. (Laughs).

I actually shared this story to inspire you.

I shared this story to get you to take interest in developing the…

… Most Important Skill In The World: Effective Communication.


You just never know when it will come in handy.

It made me a millionaire.

It can change your life TOO.

And I can help you make this HAPPEN.

I can help you compress your DECADES of learning INTO DAYS.

I can help you move from DULL TO DYNAMIC.

Like Dr. Mabel O, you can also achieve what I achieved AND MUCH MORE just by exposing yourself to the information that I have been exposed to.

Here Is What I Have Done For You.

I have compiled all the public speaking and presentation SECRETS I know into a handy, quick-to-read ebook and a special audio mp3 recording titled…SPEECH POWER.

speech power

SPEECH Power reveals all the powerful principles and ideas on effective communication and persuasion that I know and PERSONALLY use.

It will help you overcome FEAR of public speaking and build your confidence so that your deliver superb "ATTENTION COMMANDING" presentations.

Like earlier mentioned, you will get a PDF and an audio mp3 version of SPEECH POWER.

You can read the e-book version of SPEECH POWER using your smart phone or laptop.

The mp3 audio version of SPEECH POWER makes it easy for you listen to these secrets using your mobile device for as many times, as you like and wherever you like.

You can do this until all the SECRETS reveal soak into your mind and become part of YOU.

Here Are Some Of The Secrets Revealed In SPEECH-POWER

1. How To Interest Any Audience

2. The 7 Elements That Facilitate Effective Communication

3. How To Persuade Anyone (11 Ways)

4. How To Counter Manipulative Persuaders

5. 3 Kinds Of Audiences You Will Meet

6. How To Overcome Glossophobia, The Nervousness Of The Tongue (Stage Fright)

7. How Make Money From Your Public Speaking Skills

8. 8 Common Mistakes Speakers Make

Does This Training Really Work?

Yes. In fact see what few of my students say about my trainings and programs:


Ini testimonial

Kenedy Testimonial


Before I reveal the price, let me ask you a little question?

How much would you value what helped me WIN N10 million?

Most people would easily pay N1million to make back N10 million.

And guess what?

Persuasion and Public Speaking is more valuable than N1 million because...

...This Skill Will Serve You For 30 , 40 Or 60 Years Of Your LIFE.

Ones you know it, you can use it AGAIN and AGAIN...making as much money asyou want.

You can use it to WIN multimillion Naira contracts.

You can use it to WOW your interviewers and get the best employment at a BIG firm. 

You can use it to fly HIGH in your career or office employment.

This skill can help you pitch your ideas and get funding for your business. 

You can use it as a Network Marketer.

You can use it as a LEADER to persuade people towards a good course or goal.

The list of what you can do with it is ENDLESS.

So how much would you pay for that kind of POWER?

This skill is so VALUABLE some people would easily pay N100 000 to KNOW it.

Well, The Price of “SPEECH POWER” Is Way Cheaper Than That.

You see, my VIP public speaking students pay up to N60 000 (and above) to learn the SECRETS revealed in Speech Power.

But you won’t pay that much.

You won’t pay N15,000.

It is not N10,000 either

I have decided to let you have SPEECH POWER and all the secrets inside for just N5,000.

And When You Order Right Now, You Get The Following 3 Free Bonuses.

Bonus 1

How To Write Profitable Articles

This bonus ebook reveals how to write good articles for your blog or social media account.

This skill is required for written presentations.

It's all your after your order Speech Power.

Bonus 2


The first bonus reveals how to write , this second bonus shows you how to get paid for your writing.

You see, there are many blogs online willing to pay you from $50 and above.

In this special bonus, you'll find 45 blogs that pay you money when you write for them.

You can apply the secrets found in Speech Power to improve your writing skill. Then you can use your writing skill to earn income online.

Bonus 3

How To Write A Sales Letter.

One of the things I studied was "how to write a sales letter" and in this BONUS you'll discover ,step by step, how to do it. 

This bonus ebook, walks you through the complete process of writing a simple yet effective sales letter.

It's all YOURS when you order speech POWER.

How To Make Payment And Download SPEECH POWER In The Next 10 Minutes

You can make payment in 2 ways.

1.   Direct Payment Via PayStack

The first way to make payment is via is a American/Nigerian third party website that helps people conveniently pay for products and services from outside and within Nigeria.

When you click the image below, you’ll be taken a page similar to it.


Type your debit cards details and click "pay now" to make your payment. 

It is safe and secured. I won’t have access to your account or your account details.

You can make payment even by 2 a.m. and the videos will be sent to you for INSTANT download.

Click Here To ORDER Online Now

Option 2 : Bank Transfer

You can also order by making a direct transfer or deposit to this bank account.

Description: ploaris

Learn & Earn Training Systems
Polaris Bank 
407 000 2413

After you make the transfer, please send a text to this number. -0818 7133 153

In the text please say 5k paid for SPEECH POWER. Name, email 

So for example, if your name is Tunde Chukudi and your email is [email protected] , this is how you should send the text.

“ 5K paid for Speech Power. Tunde Chukudi. [email protected]”.

Immediately you send this text and I confirm your payment, you will receive a download link via your email.

If you like to call before making payment or you want to ask some questions first , then please call -0818 7133 153

I’ll answer and talk to YOU directly.

Do The Bank Transfer NOW

 Description: guarantee

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will love SPEECH POWER because it will improve your speaking skill and transform you into a BOLD and persuasive speaker.

That is why I am willing to give you a 100-day money back guarantee.

Which means, download SPEECH POWER, read and listen to it again and again… then practice all the SECRETS revealed for as long as 100 days.

If within this period, you don’t like the book or audio…or it does not transform your speaking ability, then please ask for your money back.

I’ll refund your money without any delay.

I am willing to take this risk because…

…No One Has Ever Asked For A Refund Before


Because the ebook and audio DELIVERS as promised.

So go ahead and get SPEECH POWER.

Now I know you may say…okay George, I’ll love what here’s but I’ll get it LATER.

Well , that would be a mistake.

You know why?

Because The Earlier You Develop This SKILL The Better You’ll MAXIMIZE Your OPPORTUNITIES

You see, tomorrow, or 2 weeks from now or a month from now, or even in 6 months, you’ll be asked to make a presentation.

Will you be READY?

Will you PANIC and shake like a leaf in the wind. And at the end embarrass yourself and LOSE your opportunity?

Or will you like Dr Mabel, WOW your audience and get that JOB…or that CONTRACT…or that SALE… or that PROPOSAL…or that FUNDING.

That’s why you need to get SPEECH POWER now.

I tell you, if I did not develop this SKILL before that presentation day, I would have lost my opportunity and lost N10 million.

But I was READY when the opportunity came.

Will you be READY when your opportunity comes KNOCKING. 

When you download SPEECH POWER and practice they SECRETS revealed, you'll be READY. Download it NOW.

Don’t DELAY.

ORDER SPEECH POWER now so that you’re prepared to maximize all the opportunities that show up in your life.

Click Here To ORDER NOW.

See you at the TOP.

George Essien

George Essien

PS- The secrets found in SPEECH POWER helped me speak for 30 minutes and that presentation got me millions. These secrets will change your life too.

PPS- Don’t forget that you also get 5 FREE bonuses when you order NOW.

PPPS- The price of SPEECH POWER may increase anytime soon to N7000 or N10000 , so get it NOW so you won’t pay more later.





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